Teaching Guide for Marugoto Starter A1 Katsudoo Coursebook

Coursebook for Communicative Language Activities

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Teaching Materials for Marugoto Starter A1 MOJI Course*

*This course is for those who have finished the Marugoto Starter A1 course and want to join the Elementary1 A2 course.
*The illustrations used in the Kanji Book and the Kanji Word Flash Cards I are from the MARUGOTO Starter (A1) website of the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai.

Lesson Flow (Days 1-10) Kanji Flash Cards (Moji Only)
Can-do Check Sheet Kanji Word Flash Cards I (with illustrations)
Daily Quizzes Kanji Word Flash Cards II (Reverse side of I)
Moji Exercise Book Kanji Karuta I (Kanji)
Kanji Book Kanji Karuta II (Descriptions)
Hiragana & Katakana Word Flash Cards Homework Sheets