In 2016, the Japan Foundation, Manila celebrated its 20th Anniversary in the Philippines together with the 60 Years of Philippines-Japan Friendship. To commemorate the momentous year, the Japan Foundation, Manila published the Japan Foundation, Manila 20th Anniversary Booklet, featuring our history, programs, projects, and special messages from our colleagues and partners throughout the years.



SUKI and MERIENDA are the official newsletters published by the Japan Foundation, Manila featuring our activities, announcements, and articles on Japanese arts, culture, and language in the Philippines.


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Nihongojin Connect! is the new official newsletter of the Japanese Language Education Section of the Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM). It aims to present information on the various events and activities of JFM in order to provide teachers in various sectors with a broad view of Japanese language education in the Philippines.

* Nihongojin is coined from the words NIHONGO (Japanese language) and JIN (person). This refers to native/non-native individuals involved in Japanese Language Education