The Japan Foundation, Manila Arts & Culture Grant 2024

The JFM Arts & Culture Grant 2024 is now open for Proposals for Fiscal Year 2024

Watch the information video below to learn how to apply for the grant

The Japan Foundation, Manila is opening its call for proposals for the JFM Arts & Culture Grant (JFMAC) for 2024. The grant aims to deepen and enhance mutual understanding of Japan and Japanese culture by supporting cultural events. This category also encompasses projects aimed at enhancing Japanese Studies, including conferences, seminars, and workshops. And through Global Partnerships, the grant facilitates collaboration among like-minded nations, creating a platform for dialogue on multifaceted issues such as sustainable development, climate change, peace-building, maritime and economic cooperation, among others.


STEP 1. Read and understand the guidelines for the JFMAC Grant 2024. The guidelines outline the following pertinent information about the grant:

    • Eligibility and Duties of the Applicant
    • Project Type
    • Grant Coverage
    • Deadline
    • Application Procedure
    • Obligations
    • Disclosure of Information
    • Handling of Personal Information

<<Download JFMAC Grant 2024 Guidelines>>

STEP 2. Once guidelines have been read and understood, download and complete JFMAC Grant 2024 Application Form. Complete applications must include.

    • Detailed Project Proposal (including a report of past similar project, if any)
    • Information on the applicant’s organization
    • Profile or biography of a Japanese guest/collaborator (artist, researcher, collaborating institution, etc.)
    • Proof of communication or an agreement with the Japanese guest/collaborator (in the form of letter, email or contract)
    • Quotations as per request in the budget proposal

<<Download JFMAC Grant 2024 Application Form>>

STEP 3. Completed applications with the JFMAC Grant 2024 Application Form, along with supporting documents, must be submitted before the deadline date via e-mail. Please take note that applications can ONLY be submitted by e-mail. Incomplete documents will not be endorsed for screening.

    • Application Period: 8 April – 31 October 2024
    • Applications must be submitted at least 2 months before the implementation date
    • All projects must be implemented by 31 December 2024.
    • Send all applications to:

STEP 4. Complete applications will be screened by the JFM Screening Board. The applicant will be notified of the result via email. Inquiry on the screening procedure and decision will not be entertained.

For further inquiries please contact The Japan Foundation, Manila
23/F Pacific Star Building, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City, 1226 Philippines
Telephone No: +632.5322.3200



The Japan Foundation Headquarter Grant Programs

The Japan Foundation Headquarter Grant Program is now closed for Fiscal Year 2024 (1 April 2024 – 31 March 2025)

The Japan Foundation invites individuals and organizations that are planning international exchange projects and activities to participate in programs of the Japan Foundation.

The Japan Foundation conducts programs in the three major areas of Arts and Cultural Exchange, Japanese-Language Education Overseas, and Japanese Studies and International Dialogue. There are applicable programs in each of these areas, and a support is provided for activities conducted by individuals and organizations that are involved in international exchange.

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No. Program Eligible Applicant Overview Deadline